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Specialist therapies meet individual needs at internationally certified standards.

These include Jungian Analysis, psycho-dynamic, psycho-analytic, socio-analytic, Cognitive Behavioural, Schema, Typology and Social Style – as agreed or required.

Heather also advocates Jungian Sandplay Therapy, a powerful process for individuals of all ages, regardless of position or profession.

Sandplay Therapy is a way of using natural resources, tools and miniatures in a “free and protected space”, with the guidance of a skilled therapist. A powerful Self-healing function is activated;  the result has been described as a profoundly increased sense of meaning and wholeness, although the process promotes healing at all levels.  

Heather also promotes education, training and research in Sandplay Therapy, as a Board member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy, and as the founding Chairperson of STANZA, the Sandplay Therapy Association of New Zealand and Australia Incorporated. ISST/STANZA is affiliated with IAAP, the Jungian Analysts’ global association, of which Heather is also a personal member. She is available to Therapists who choose to deepen their practice through an experience of Jungian Sandplay – or to work towards internationally recognised Sandplay Therapy certification. Supervision of clinical work is also available.