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Getting to where and what you want… is always easier if there is someone to help

Getting the most out of your life is the same.

Things can take us off course along the way. Sometimes we make choices, sometimes we have limited possibilities. Sometimes we act with a narrow view of our resources, depth and options. For some something seems ‘missing’. There is a hunger to comprehend who we are and our purpose; a desire to know the Self.

Working with Heather, Jungian Psychoanalytic Therapist, ensures that whether you are needing to sort out or cope with a current goal or crisis, heal a troublesome concern, or whether you want to explore the existential meaning of being You, you’re in safe hands. Heather will think and feel it through with you, so your path is clearer, and you create what you want.

Use Heather’s help to

  • build resilience, Self-confidence, and Self-respect
  • get through difficult circumstances or crises – work, health or personal
  • master uncertainty, change or loss
  • handle important relationship issues
  • shift depression, anxiety or worry into well-being
  • get free of repetitive patterns
  • increase overall life satisfaction