Getting to where and what you want…
is always easier if there is someone to help

Heather Lesley-Swan helps people, families and workgroups eliminate confusion or distress, to choose their own changes, and make those changes willingly and well.

She offers counselling, specialised therapy, new perspectives and skills for those who want to feel better, become more effective or flourish in the way they live their lives at home or at work.

Heather is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist practising in Sydney CBD. She is also a skilled organisational consultant. Her unique mix of corporate and clinical experience offers a depth of guidance rarely available to either individuals or workgroups.

Use Heather's help to

  • build resilience, self-confidence, self-respect
  • get through difficult circumstances or crises – work, health or personal
  • master uncertainty, change or loss
  • handle important relationship issues
  • shift depression, anxiety or worry into well-being
  • sort things out, set a course, make it happen
  • activate self-healing, CG Jung's Transcendent function